#472 Bruna Tenorio after Ralph Lauren show, NYFW15SS


#471 Marie Pascal after Ralph Lauren show, NYFW15SS

She is one of my favorite persons who always comes here for NYFW from Japan.
She knows what clothes fit her well.

I feel she really likes fashion.

See you next season!



name : Marie Pascal
occupation : Model


#470 My favorite street style photographers, NYFW15SS

Adam Katz Sinding / Le 21ème

YoungJun Koo / I'M KOO

Shimpei Mito / Mitograph

Keisuke Fujita / STREET, TUNE, FRUiTS, .RUBY Magazine

There are hundreds of thousands photographers during fashion week in these season, but these 4 guys are my favorite.

I like and respect them because they don't follow others, just focus own business.
They can do it because they have experiences and also understand what they want/need.
It can be their confidence to do their things.
The confidence changes their actions, and the actions appear on their photos.
That's why people love their works, and their photos are strongly unique and original.

See you in next season and have a good trip buddies!






#469 Greg Dacyshyn at Jeremy Scott Show, Milk Studio, NYFW15SS

During fashion week, I barely find some people who are really really different from other people who is coming to NYFW.

This man, Greg, appeared at Jeremy Scott show.
Once I saw him, he reminded me the feeling from the last season when I shot Roberto.  → #436 Roberto Lorenzi at Diesel Black Gold Show, NYFW, New York. 

They both are just so in themselves, and I can tell that they have a "style" anytime, anywhere.
If I could find someone who has a style, the moment is the most exciting for me for 100% sure even thought they are not following trend things.

ただ極稀に、 明らかに異彩を放ってる人がショーにやってくる。

ジェレミースコットのショーに来た彼を見かけた時に感じた「ビビッと感」は、先シーズンのDesel Black GoldのショーでDeselメンズデザイナーのRobertoを撮らせてもらったときと完全に同じものだった。→ #436 Roberto Lorenzi at Diesel Black Gold Show, NYFW, New York. 


name : Greg Dacyshyn
occupation : Burton Creative Director

coat, denim : Visvim
hat : Kapital
shoes :  Birkenstock
necklaces : Goro's


#468 Thom Browne Crew after Thom Browne Show, West 22nd St, NYFW15SS

Always one of the most fantastic and spectacular shows in the world.

Thanks Mr. Thom Browne and well done team TB!