#462 Simone Cecchetto on Anchorage PL, Brooklyn, New York.

Simone is in the city!
Last time I photographed him in 2012 fall.  → #324 Simone Cecchetto on Greene St.

Same as last time, wearing his own design and smoking a cigarette.
He is one of the favorite and most respectable designers I've ever met.

Always glad to see my favorite people when they visit NY!

前回彼に会ったのは2012年の秋。 → #324 Simone Cecchetto on Greene St. 



Name : Simone Cecchetto
occupation : A1923

clothes, boots : A1923
glasses : Kuboraum
jewelries : Werkstatt Munchen, Chrome Hearts


#461 Isaac Larose on Jane St, Greenwich Village, New York.

Relaxed navy in summer.

I met him last trade show, and he came here for it again for his 15ss collection.
I really like his way of how to dress relaxed.

Always glad to meet my favorite people who lives different places and looking forward to see and shoot him next time!




name : Isaac Larose
occupation : Larose Paris

jacket : Maison Martin Margiela MM6
shirt : Dries Van Noten
pants : Acne
sandals : Teva
hat : Larose Paris


#460 Mike Nouveau, Noir Rain and Mike Parle on Mott St, NoHo, New York.

Rain(center) is visiting NY from Hong Kong, and I walked with her in SoHo to meet Mike(left).
On the way to meet him, I found a guy(right) on the street and asked him "Can I take photo of you for my blog?" as usual, and he said "Yes."
I asked his name, and he answered "I'm Mike!"
I said "Mike?? We have a friend named Mike and gonna meet him from now!" and he said "Wow, I'm waiting for him too!"

I and Rain didn't know Mike before(he is visiting here from Melbourne), but we connected each other naturally.
People usually say this things "such a small world", but actually I trust we could encounter people naturally if we have something in common.

I photographed this after we all got together.

名前を尋ねると「I'm Mike!」って。



name : Mike Nouveau (left)
top : Rick Owens
bottoms : Paul Harnden
shoes : A1923

name : Noir Rain (center)
top, bottoms : Yohji Yamamoto
shoes : Layer-0
hat : Paul Harnden
bag : M.A+

name : Mike Parle (right)
top, bottoms : Paul Harnden
shoes : Andrew McDonald
hat : Harvert Johnson


#459 Louise Du Toit at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier5, Brooklyn, New York.

At the event of Adidas Fanatic at Brooklyn Bridge Park, I found Louise from Acne Studios team.
Her last photos are here. →  #365 Louise Du Toit on Mulberry St, Nolita, New York.

Even though she is in a soccer uniform, I like how she style herself with scarf on her head and shades.
We had so much fun then with great summer weather!

前回の彼女の写真はこちら。→  #365 Louise Du Toit on Mulberry St, Nolita, New York.


name : Louise Du Toit
occupation : Acne Studios

And here is some photos from the event:)


#458 Svea Berlie on Prince St, SoHo, New York.

The model with style.
"Models look nice and dress well because they are models" I think it's like one of general ideas about models.
Is she cool because she is a model?? I say "No."
I photographed her because I could see she has a style.
For me, most likely she is a girl who likes fashion and does modeling but not just a model girl.
I like people who likes fashion or has own styles, and I don't care what people do, age, gender and figure.

She said she is 19 years old.
Too young to be dignified.
I meant that is in a good way, of course.



name : Svea Berlie
occupation : model

jacket : Jil Sander
top : Alexander Wang
denim : Acne
shoes : Helmut Lang
glasses : Garrett Leight