#492 Greg Dacyshyn on Mercer St, SoHo, New York.

His previous photo is here. → #480 Greg Dacyshyn after KTZ show, NYFW FW15/16

Let me talk about "Fashion" and "Style" a bit.

According to Google, Fashion means "a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior."
Also Style does "a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed."

So in general, I don't know if his outfit is a part of "Fashion" or people can say "he is fashionable."
However I'm very sure it's a part of "Style".

For me, I am very interested in to capture people who has a "Style" more than "Fashion".
It's not trendy or popular, but it mirrors one's own personality and life.
I like people who has IT very much.

That's why he is one of most favorite people I've ever shot.

彼の前回の写真はこちら。→ #480 Greg Dacyshyn after KTZ show, NYFW FW15/16





name : Greg Dacyshyn

jacket : Vintage Japanese fisherman jacket
overalls : Neighborhood
boots : Visvim
hat : Nick Fouquet
jewelries : Goro's


#491 Yu Jin on Mercer St, SoHo, New York.

The season of pink, full of pink.
It makes people excited to be outside and releases from winter coats finally(but it's still chilly sometimes).

It's the only couple weeks we can see the contrast of the dark clothes and pink.
It stands out really well, especially girl's one.

This season is very short and the next season will come soon...



name : Yu Jin

raincoat : Vetements
knit : Margaret Howell
skirt : Yohji Yamamoto
boots : Guidi
hat : Ann Demeulemeester


#490 Mikey Kingsland on Mulberry St, NoLita, New York.

I saw the guy with very strong individuality was cruising the town slowly like feeling the nice season.
It didn't take a time to recognize for me that he is very particular about his preferences, and it's NOT about just being unique looking.
Not only about him but the styles speak about owners themselves.

Anyways the stars and stripes totally rocks on him.



name : Mikey Kingsland

coat : Sisley
knit, pants : Levi's Vintage Clothing
shirts : Ralph Lauren
shoes : Dr. Martens
hat, glasses : Vintage


#489 Jona Sees on North 6th St, Williamsburg, New York.

He is the one of guys with particularly true own styles I've ever known.
His last photo is here. → #350 Jona Sees on Hudson St.

The designer of InAisce, Jona.
He is a real artist.

今まで会ってきた、撮ってきた人々の中でも、彼は特別な自身のスタイルを持っている数少ない人だ。(彼の以前のスナップはこちら。→ #350 Jona Sees on Hudson St.


name : Jona Sees

top, shoes, necklace : InAisce
cardigan : Ia Particles
bottoms : Lost & Found
hat : Reinhard Plank
glasses : Vintage


#488 Nina Chitadze on Havemeyer St, South Williamsburg, New York.

It's always good to put something floral thing on in spring. (Well, actually it's good to do all the season too.)

I like the way she dresses spring/women's clothing materials handsome.
"Handsome" meant not "manly", but it's more like as "cool woman".



name : Nina Chitadze

coat : Sonia Rykiel
top : Maison Martin Margiela
pants : Yohji Yamamoto
shoes : MM6
bag : Versace