#18 Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan

He is staff of my favorite shop "Rone" in my home town.

Red hair and crazy pattern pants.

He is gonna open his new shop on next February in Matsumoto.
Matumoto's fashion scene will be more fine.
Good luck!

name : Shinji Miyashita
occupation : Rone

tops : Remi Relief
t-shirt : Anrealage
pants : Nozomi Ishiguro
shoes : Raf Simons


#17 Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan

He and I went to same high school, and I've never met him after graduated.

This day, he wore all black.
I think black short hair is matching his minimum style.

He had known a lot of things about clothes when we were same school.
I mean these are many brands, designers, shops, magazines... a lot.

Actually, then he taught me "fashion".
Thanks to you, now I am enjoying it so much.

name : Koichi Kuribayashi
occupation : student

jacket : Helmut Lang
tops : Jan & Carlos
pants/boots : Dior Homme
bag : Yves Saint Laurent

Good luck for your new life from next year.
Hope to see you again.


#16 Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

What a gorgeous lady she is!
So special.
I couldn't through to shoot her.

This day was Dec 25th, X'mas, so she did a special dressed up.

 This skirt was made of Sheep's fur.
 Actually this skirt and dress are one piece.

She is crazy about "Iwaya" who is Japanese designer, but his brand was over.

"I cannot find new clothes without Iwaya's..." she said sadly...
She is the best dresser in holy night ever I think.

name : Su-

dress/flower belt/head peace : Iwaya for Dress33 (All his last collection's haute couture.)
shoes : Fendi


#15 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

He is skinny and has wavy long hair.
His style is not unusual, but I think these clothes are fitting his soft atmosphere.

He told that "Shinjuku is better than Harajuku and Shibuya for me."

He was so shy, and that's so Japanese I feel.

name : Ryo Hirabayashi
occupation : student

knit : Comme des Garçons
pants : American Apparel (he remade it to more skinny and getting damages)
shoes : Converse All Star
bag : Muji


#14 Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Many Santa Claus in Shibuya on Dec 25th.

How was your X'mas?
Hope you all enjoyed.


#13 Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

They are from Taiwan and study fashion in C.A.

They made their skirf(left) and T-shirts(center).
I hope seeing you guys in the US again in the future.

name : Coke Ho (left)

scarf : he made it.
jacket : from Korea
shirt : A.P.C.

name Yu Wei (center)

jacket/jeans : Rick Owens
t-shirt : Zhoa made it.
shoes : Julius

name : Zhao (right)

cardigan : Obscur
t-shirt/scarf : Damir Doma
jeans : Rick Owens
shoes : Guidi


#12 Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

They are "Harajuku Kids".
The people in the first pic are all high school students, and the people in the second one are technical college students.

I think all of their fashion is kind of original Japanese fashion.
I've never seen people like them in NYC.

I felt they are all enjoying their own way and Harajuku.


#11 Gerry Judah

I found amazing art works at Fitzroy Gallery in SOHO.

Gerry Judah is pleased to announce "Country".
He was born in Calcutta, India, and now he is London-based artist.

Black and white.
That's monochrome world.

These are made from  rubble and debris, modeled from museum board, piano wire and layers of Lascaux gesso.

I could not stop my heart beat when I saw these, because these are so cool.
It is hard to explain about these, but I want you to see these if you have a time seriously.

Fitzroy Gallery
77 mercer St. New York, NY 10012
(between Spring and Broome St. in Soho)
Open Tuesday to  Saturday, from 10am to 6am.


#10 on Mercer St.

She was wearing beautiful white fur coat.
Middle length coat and shirts with short jacket.

I love her dark lipstick on fair skin.

She told me she is sometimes modeling.

name : Cheyenne Adrian

fox fur coat : Vintage
top : Alexander Wang
jeans : Cheap Monday
shoes : Jeffrey Campbell

There was 3rd day of Alexander Wang sample sale on Mercer Street, and some people were still lining around 5pm.
I easily understand how he is loved in NYC.


#9 on Driggs Ave.

Tall, skinny and all black guy in Williamsburg.

I really love this volume of jacket and round sunglasses.
He told "This jacket is really warm actually."

The top's volume and bottom's one, big and little.
He knows what to fit him I think.

name : Winston Chmielinski
occupation : artist (http://www.wi-ch.com)

jacket : Rick Owens
shirt : Chronicles of Never
pants/shoes : Y-3
sunglasses : Lanvin

His exhibition will be hold on Jan 6th to 30th 2011 at NP CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER.
If you live in NYC and have time, you can enjoy it I think.
Of course I will.


#8 on Bleecker St.

I met these people on Bleecker St.
I could easily understand they enjoy own fashion.

I love their each feet, the sneaker, rain boots and rubber sole with cute socks.

I always do small conversation with people who I photograph while they are writing some information down.
At this time, I really enjoyed that with them.

I hoped that I want to see you guys soon then.

name : Philippa (left)

jacket : All Saints
sweater/scarf/bag : Country Road
pants : Y-3
shoes : Roc

name : Jess (center)

coat : +J
scarf : Computer Cles Cotonniers
sweater : Y-3
jeans : Lee
shoes : Hunter

name : Mikey Woodbridge (right)

sleeve : Alexander Wang
cardigan : Pringle
sweater : Vintage
1st scarf : Versace
2nd scarf : Vintage
pants : Y-3
shoes : T.U.K

After shooting, the end of the day I met Michael accidentally at Bedford Av. Station again!
We have some special destiny I guess.
Hope to seeing you guys soon.


#7 on Prince St.

I saw a men wearing black on Prince St. in Soho.
I often saw all black style in NYC, but my eyes were attracted by his style .

The wrapping way of scarf will be one of important individuality also I think.
I really like his balance between boots, long coat and long scarf.

name : Sam

coat : Yohji Yamamoto
Jeans/shirt/tank/boots : Rick Owens


#6 on Prince St.

It is really difficult to say "What is fashionable?", "What is artisitc?" and "What is cool?".

Some people around him were laughing and  tilted their head questioningly when they saw him.

But I think if you feel own fashion is cool, that's cool.
That's why fashion is interesting.

He said "It's too cold to be outside...."
This day was the coldest day in this winter.

name : Sidi Abdulkhaaliq
occupation : artist

denim jacket : painted Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes : painted Timberland
head piece : his art work


#5 at Project No. 8

She is Lydia working at "Project No. 8" that is one of lovely stores on Lower East Side.

The vivid orange sweater is from Dries Van Noten that she bought at sample sale in Paris about 2 weeks ago.
She told me "the jeans is my mom's, so I don't know what kind of brand it is."

The orange sweater and red lipstick, I think she looks good in bright colors like that.

Her style is always cute.

name : Lydia
occupation : Project No. 8

sweater vest : Dries Van Noten
silk shirt : Christian Wijnauts
jeans : from her mom
belt : Bless
shoes : Costume National


#4 before / after

This wall is my favorite.
Now we can see this whiskey ad.

Can you believe this was all painted?

About 2 month ago, we could see different paint on it.
This ad was designed by KENZO MINAMI.
His art works always fascinate me definitely .

This favorite place is at the corner of Bedford Av & N 6th St.