#149 Victoria on Wooster St.

Bright orange!

I like bright color like this!

She told me that she bought this dress 10 years ago and jacket 5 years ago.
We should love all of our own clothes like her.

And today, September 28th is her birthday!
Happy Birthday Victria :)
I hope you had a good one!


name : Victoria Borus
occupation : Interior Designer

jacket, dress : Issey Miyake
bag : Prada
bracelet : Hermes
glasses : Spivvy

dog's name : Liam

1 comment:

  1. I stumbled upon your blog and LOVE the photos you take!!!

    I agree with you, we should all love our clothes more! It's nice to buy pieces that will last you a lifetime (There's too much out there that is made to fall apart after a few years (even months!)

    Also, her dog is too cute! So well groomed! :)