#33 on Prince St.

The end of this day I saw her at bookstore on Prince St.
I love her back of this round shape coat, but I forgot to take this pics....sorry.
but It was so cute. 

She is from Sweden.

name : Emilie Hvidtfeldt

coat : Piece a Part
leather jacket : Mun Deings Kompaniet
scarf : Her mom made it.
sweater : J.Lindeberg
stockings : Filippa K


#32 on Mercer St.

The day was snowy.
They were walking around in SOHO.

I love their balances; colorful and monochrome.

The right guy's eyebrows are blue-green!
So cool!!

name : Jay Nayssan (left)

coat : Vintage
sweater : Vintage
jeans : American Apparel
scarf : Jack Spade
shoes : Vintage
socks : American Apparel

name : Spencer Mansfield Aebby (right)

coat : Vintage
jacket : Vintage
pants : Miu Miu


#31 on Broadway

He was putting on black big food when I found him inside the store "Sephora".
He is tall, so I could find him easily.


 He is student of Parsons.

name : Joop
occupation : student

hoodie : OAK
jacket : Balenciaga
sweater : Balmain
jeans : Dior
sneakers : Rick Owens


#30 on Greene St.

After I shot the woman #29, I saw him immediately.

Cool hair style.
He is playing Electronic band he said.

name : Billy Nigel
band : Elements of a Cynical Union

jacket : ?
pants : from Milano
boots : Prada


#29 on Greene St.

I found her in the early afternoon in SOHO.
Beautiful A line silhouette.

Fur collar and leopard shoes!

I like all of her style!

name : Lara
web : http://thestoretorialist.com/

cape : Vintage
collar : Vintage
headband : American Apparel
backpack : Rag & Bone
shoes : ?


info. SHIFT CITY GUIDE : Seven New York

SHIFT, Japan-based international online magazine features creative culture, posted an introduction of "Seven New York" written by me.
You can see it here.


#28 at Capsule Show

I went to "Capsule Show" which is big trade show.
It was for Mens show in New York.

There is my favorite brand's booth on 2nd floor.
The brand is "David David" from England.
I love their colorful print.

He is a designer of David David.
I caught him and talked a little when he was smoking.

He is a kind man!!
I was happy to talk to my favorite designer!!
Thank you!

name : David Saunders
occupation : David David, Designer


#27 on Prince St.

It is hard to explain what it is cool, but I certainly felt he is cool and took his pics.

For example, these shoes are.
I do not know he wears these like that on purpose or not, but I felt it is like his individually.

He is students and studies philosophy.

name : Brent Bettes
occupation : Student

coat : Vivienne Westwood
pants : John Varvatos
boots : John Varvatos


#26 on Mulberry St.

He is FIT student and also taking street snap photos for "POP BOP & SNAP".

I like this size of bag!

Nice to see you!

name : Joaquin
occupation : Student

coat : Whyred
fflannel shirt : Uniqlo
drop crotch pants : Y-3
glove : Uniqlo
Boots : Dr. Martens
Bag : Y-3


#25 on Mulberry St.

I found her on Mulberry St.
I like her balance of volume between tops and bottoms.

Look at these pics!
There is turtle on her back!!!

I like her green hair and smile!

name : Stacey Howard
occupation : Shoes Designer

sweater/pants/scarf : Ksubi
shoes : Dr. Martens

name : Gus (Japanese Shiba Inu)


#24 on Spring St.

When I saw him, I was running and talking to him on Spring St.
I definitely needed to take pics of him.
So cool.

How fabulous this coat is!!!!
The red part is velcro, so the front part have no buttons.

He always wears cool clothes.

name : Joseph Quartana
occupation : Seven New York, fashion director

coat : Raf Simons
pants/shoes/glove : Giuliano Fujiwara
bag : Juun J
scarf : Damir Doma


#23 on 3rd Ave.

They look like each other.
Short cut hair, glasses, boots and all black.

But they have different style.

The left guy's back of pants are cool.

It's in front of vintage shop "METROPOLIS".

It was the cold day after a heavy snow.

name : David Thampson-Ross (left)

jacket : Vintage
hoodie : John Varvatos
pants : Mary Meym
boots : Vintage

name : Alex Englert (right)

jacket : Uniqlo
scarf : U.O.
jeans : April 77
boots : Vintage

It was the first shoot with my new camera lens.
I have to lean it more more more.


#22 Winston Chmielinski "I Digressed"

Do you remember this skinny guy?
This exhibition is a his first solo show at NP CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER.
I went to this opening event.

He uses light colors for his pictures, and he sometimes draws him on these.

These pics are my favorite.

If you have a time, you can visit to see them.
Congratulations on your first solo exhibition Winston!!!

I Digressed
01.06 - 01.30.2011
131 Chrystie St. New York, NY 10002


#21 at NP Contemporary Art Center

I like her vintage style.

Especially this purse is fabulous.
It is like a toy, cute!!

I like her red lipstick, pierce under the mouse and additionally her strong look.

name : Candice Guttmann

coat/shoes : 40's Vintage
sweater/pants : 50's Vintage
purse : Whiting & Davis 40's