#60 NIGHTOLOGY Release Party @ Don Hill's

Spencer Product's NIGHTOLOGY release party was at Don Hill's.
The music video directed by Robert Knoke.

Cool DJs, Joseph and Spencer!


#59 on Mercer St.

Long colorful sweater with black skinny!
I love this balance!

 Beautiful bag and shoes are from vintage.

Prayers from me & millions of others go out! :)

name : Houman

sweater : Niwa Bon for Neiman Marcus
leather pants : Acne
rings : Smokey Topae & Gold Ring
Shoes : Vintage
Bag : Vintage


#58 on Mercer St.

This green cool silhouette coat was made by him!

And I started to take pictures of SMILE with messages for Japan.
I think what I can do now is very small things, but I hope this SMILE and lovely message make people feeling better.
Thank you Reuben!

name : Reuben Riddick
occupation : Designer - Demestiks

coat : Demestiks
pants : H&M
shoes : Vintage

#57 on Broome St.

Beautiful cape lady!

Vivienne Westwood signed on her pirates boots she told!

This hair color, her outfits looks like Vivienne!

name : Amber Doyle
occupation : Doyle Mueser
scarf : Alexander McQueen & Vintage
cape : Doyle Mueser
blazer : Doyle Mueser
boots : Vivienne Westwood
globe : Saks
bag : Vintage


info. Pray for Japan.

I think all of you already know that the big earthquake happened in all of Japan included my hometown Nagano.(Actually my hometown is center part of Nagano, and arthquake happened in north part of there.)
My family and friends are all fine, but there are a lot of people feeling scary and needing some help.
I can just pray for them and follow the news from the U.S.

But I want to help some thing, so I retweeted many information on my twitter personal account and donated.
If you can support them, you can also help using this site, American Red Cross.

You can watch Japanese Live News.

Online TV Shows by Ustream

For foreigners in Japan, or If u don't speak Japanese - Japanese News Channel NHK in English

Video streaming by Ustream

Hope everyone is fine.

Thank you.
Wataru Bob

#56 This Is Not by Robert Knoke

March 10th, the opening reception of art exhibition "This Is Not" was held at NP CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER.

Robert Knoke, he is one of my favorite artists.
He designed Six Scents Perfume and collaborated with Skyward also.
His artworks are all sick!
Love them!

He is Robert from Germany.
We had known each other just on facebook, but finally I could talk to him a lot.
It was so great seeing.

There were many super cool guests there.

This Is Not by Robert Knoke
March 10th, 2011 - May 1st, 2011
131 Chrystie St. New York, NY 10002