#73 CRUSH fanzine, Auxiliary Issue #2 "Secret Crush" Reception

#72 Jocelyn Goldstein on Bloome St.

I have never seen a woman who wears khaki wide like this beautiful pants in NY.

These cool mesh heels from "Red sole" and her red lip are good accent for Khaki pants.

This day was such as a beautiful sunny day.

name :  Jocelyn Goldstein
occupation : Stylist

top : Zara
pants : Dries Van Noten
shoes : Christian Louboutin
bag : Givenchy
sunglasses : Celine


#71 Tobias Ulmer on Bloome St.

I basically shoot people who wear non-casual style always.
I mean that it's very hard to find people like him.

What he is wearing are Supreme and Martin Margiela.
Street brand × High brand, mixing style like tokyo street.

"Of course to wear high brand only is super cool and beautiful, but it is not fun." he told.
I totally agree with him personally.
I really love the people who wear mixing brands.

I can feel, he is enjoying his fashion.
The most important thing of fashion is to enjoy wearing I think.

He is visitor from Germany.

name : Tobias Ulmer
occupation : Advertising

pants : Supreme
cap : Supreme
shoes : Maison Martin Margiela

#70 Daniela Bernardiui on Greene St.

Cute minimum style woman!
Short brown hair is really fitting for her white skin.

I think I always see some men wear Y-3 sneakers, but it's rare to see the woman wears them.
White dots are good for her minimum style.

name : Daniela Bernardiui
occupation : Export Manager

blazer : Sandro Paris
shoes : Y-3
bag : Yves Saint Laurent


#69 Zhao & Fann on Greene St.

When I met him (the left guy) first time, I shot him in Tokyo, Harajuku, in last winter.
Click to see other pics of him  before I shot. → :)

Today they visited here, NYC, from San Francisco.

It is the one of the reasons that is why I like to shoot people on the street.
I mean it is very interesting that we can see and know each other through one common thing such as "Fashion".

Tokyo and NY.
The front and the back of the earth.
Very very nice to see you guys again!

name : Zhao (left)
occupation : student

jacket : Julius
tank top : Rick Owens
t-shirt : Rick Owens
pants : Chronicles of Never
boots : Rick Owens
belt : m.a+

name : Fann (right)
occupation : student

jacket : +J
t-shirt : Alexander Wang
cardigan : Lanvin
pants : April77
shoes : Kris Van Assche



#67 Ryo Miyamoto on Mercer St.

I happened to see him.
He also shoots people on the street in NYC.

He loves vintage stuffs very much, and he always enjoys wearing them by his way.
We can see it on these pics : what he's wearing is pants which was cut by him and dress from his mom.

I love his beautiful coat.
He told me "I found it at thrift store."

name : Ryo Miyamoto
occupation : student, blogger (OTOMAYIM B DIPPER)

Jacket : Thrift store
Turtle neck: Tim Hamilton
Inner dress: from his mom
Pants: Thrift store
Shoes: Thrift store
Hat: Bought on street


#66 Henrik Vibskov Store Opening

Henrik Vibskov first NY flagship store opened in Soho on Friday 15 April.
Finally they have a store in New York!

We can see his full line on the store.
Clothes, shoes, socks, hats, bags, accessories including nail clippers!
Basically the store interior design is red and wood.
We can enjoy Henrik's  view of the world.

A lot of people came to blessings for opening.

The man enjoying drums is the designer Henrik Vibskov from Denmark.
His multiple talents are not only fashion but also film making, playing drums, dancing....etc.

If you are in NY or visit here, you should definitely check this shop.

Congratulation again, Henrik!!

Henrik Vibskov
456 Broome St New York, NY 10012