#95 Tomo and Noriko on Mercer St.

I shot Japanese today!

I love his white and red shirt!
Red is good in black!
Also her yellow fringed bag is cute on her style.

They are one of Japanese people living in NY that I think cool.

name : Tomo (right)
occupation : Photographer

jacket : 3.1 Phillip Lim
shirt : Ann Demeulemeester
pants : Comme des Garcons

name : Noriko (left)
occupation : Student

jump suit : Chronicles of Never
bag : made by her


#94 Robert Knox Hayes on Broadway.

The most important thing of fashion is how to wear I always think.

I often see people wearing these types of Rick sneakers, but his way to wear them is little different.
He does not use shoes laces.
It is really small thing, but I think it is big difference to show a personality of fashion.
So I like his way to wear these shoes.

I love to see people enjoying own way to wear!

name : Robert Knox Hayes
occupation : Architecture student

all : Rick Owens


#93 Nane Feist on West Broadway.

Woman in cool all black style.

Just I want to say beautiful style.

These shoes are one of my favorite!

I asked "Where did you get these shoes?", then she said that she worked Damir Doma in Paris.
Now she is modeling.

I am so happy to shoot her!
Love Love Love her style!!

name : Nane Feist
occupation : Model at Ford

t-shirts, cardigan, shorts, necklace : Damir Doma
shoes : Silent by Damir Doma
bag : Givenchy


#92 Miguel on Mercer St.

The guy wearing white tights in Soho.

The cyber sunglasses from Louis Vuitton are best much on his hair color!

On the street In Japan, especially Tokyo, I see many guys who are wearing tights or leggings, but in here the guy like him is rare.
I think the border of gender is going to be more disappeared little by little in fashion scene in the future.
I can not conclude that it is good thing or not, but personally I would like to agree with it.
Because if so, we can see more interesting style a lot!

name : Mignel
occupation : Photographer

jacket : Christian Dior
tights : American Apparel
shoes : Dr. Martens
sunglasses : Louis Vuitton

#91 Lynn Yaeger on Spring St.

I sometimes see her on street snap blog or something like fashion web site.
I always think that I LOVE her style.

She is always wearing kind of big volume one piece and cute flat shoes when I see her.
This style is perfectly fitting on her.

I have to write one more thing.
I love the back of her head a lot!!
Also her pretty makeup is always adorable! :)

name : Lynn Yaeger
occupation : Fashion Writter

dress : from her friend
skirt : Bottega Veneta
cardigan : Tao Comme des Garcons


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#90 Toniah on Orchard St.

Cute silhouette clothes.
Especially the bottom part is cute like drop crotch pants.

Also the back is interesting.

I think the bright colors like these shoes are very good on black people.
In her case, she is wearing black clothes, so the shoes makes strong contrast with her style.

She is visiting here from Denmark.

name : Toniah
occupation : Choreographer http://toniah.com

all in one : Deam Penn
shoes : Le Coq Sportif
bag : Barbara Gongini


#89 Enrico, Silvia and Daniela on Spring St.

Sometimes I can see a person who is really special.
I do not know why he/she is special, but I feel like that.

They are one of them.
When I saw them, I felt just cool.
Nothing more.
No reasons.

I don't know why they are cool.
Their clothes? Hair style?
I think their atmosphere.

It is not important what people are wearing at the time, so I did not ask anything about clothes.

They had a special atmosphere.

They are visiting here from Italy.

name : Enrico Casagrande (left)
occupation : Director

name : Silvia Calderoni (center)
occupation : Actress

name : Daniela Mcolo (right)
occupation : Director

#88 Spencer Phipps on Broadway.

I think it is hard to show the personal style on hot day like today, because we cannot wear and layer.
It means that it also hard to look for the cool people on the street.

But I could feel that he is cool as these light clothing.

My eyes followed these shoes first when I found him.
He said "I painted white on Marc Jacobs shoes."
I really love the cracks and these studs.

Also this big backpack is cool.

I recognised that I love to see the all of style including street style like him.

There are many interesting style on the street!

name : Spencer Phipps
occupation : Marc Jacobs men's designer

tank top : custom made
shorts : Marc Jacobs
shoes : Marc Jacobs painted by him
backpack : Army bag


#87 Tanner Shea on Wooster St.

The summer is coming officially.

The bright color is good for summer.

Colorful T-shirts × print shorts : navy blue × pink × green.
Black necklace and shoes.

His necklace looks like planet on his cosmic T-shirt.

He has beautiful blue eyes.

name : Tanner Shea

t-shirts : Christpher Kane
pants : Vivienne Westwood
shoes : Damir Doma
necklace : Ann Demeulemeester
bag : Louis Vuitton


#86 Scott on Houston St.

Today, June 2nd was Y-3 sample sale day 1st in Soho.
I saw him at the place.

These pants and boots are from Vivienne Westwood World's End.
I sometimes see Vivienne shoes, but I have never seen this type on the street.

Also, I really love his beautiful tattoos!
Actually he has a carp one on his right arm.
I should have shot it definitely...

It is a such as beautiful sunny day!

name : Scott Humphreys

tank top : American Apparel
pants : Vivienne Westwood World's End
boots : Vivienne Westwood World's End
cap : New Era


#85 Nami on Division St.

I met her at the store in Lower East Side named Project No.8.

She is Japanese textile designer and just got to NY from Texas to internship a week ago.

Bless is her one of favorite brands.
That's why she is there.
I have never seen the people who are wearing Bless in NY. (without Project No.8 staffs)

She sweetly told me the fake tattoo on her right shoulder is famous Texas character.

name : Nami Ishikawa
occupation : Textile Designer

one piece : Bless
store : Von Sono
belt : LIMI feu
shoes : Bless
hat : Mihara Yasuhiro
bag : Macromauro