#279 Ryo Hirabayashi, Shinjuku Japan.

Met the guy I took photos in December 2010.
Here is his last photos. → #15 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

He was so shy same as first time that I took photos of him.

Skinny pants and sneakers is his trademark!

以前日本に帰ってきた時に撮らせてもらった彼。(以前の彼の写真はこちら→ #15 Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan)



name : Ryo Hirabayashi

top, bag : Undercover
pants : Uniqlo
shoes : Vans

2 comment:

  1. Oh him again!!! I loved his first photo and that remark you made about him being so shy!! I just adore his look!! and this is perfect...wish I could meet him :)