#69 Zhao & Fann on Greene St.

When I met him (the left guy) first time, I shot him in Tokyo, Harajuku, in last winter.
Click to see other pics of him  before I shot. → :)

Today they visited here, NYC, from San Francisco.

It is the one of the reasons that is why I like to shoot people on the street.
I mean it is very interesting that we can see and know each other through one common thing such as "Fashion".

Tokyo and NY.
The front and the back of the earth.
Very very nice to see you guys again!

name : Zhao (left)
occupation : student

jacket : Julius
tank top : Rick Owens
t-shirt : Rick Owens
pants : Chronicles of Never
boots : Rick Owens
belt : m.a+

name : Fann (right)
occupation : student

jacket : +J
t-shirt : Alexander Wang
cardigan : Lanvin
pants : April77
shoes : Kris Van Assche