#100 Alexander Wang on Spring St.

Memorial #100 post is designer Alexander Wang!

He just came from Starbucks, so I was so surprised.
I caught him and say "I love you! :)" then asked shooting him.
He kindly accepted it. :)

Actually I really love his brand, especially shoes.
I wished I wore his shoes at the time instead of yesterday! (I wore them yesterday!!!)

最近は出歩いても撮れない日が続いていたけど、 Spring St.でAlexander Wangを見つけて思わず!


Thank you very much Alex!l :)

name : Alexander Wang
occupation : Designer

P.S. I posted #100 today. I have thought that I will add little words in Japanese from this post. I want to send my blog to Japan more!


これからもよろしくお願いします! :)