#124 Moto on Mercer St.

He is Moto who is working at Seven NY that is the one of my favorite stores in NY.

Seven has many black pieces and edgy style clothes, but what he is wearing is always not too much like them, more like feeling free and relax style.

The other side of him is fashion designer.

NYで最も尖ってるお店の一つ、Seven New Yorkのマネージャーであり、自身のブランド1to3のデザイナーであるMotoさん。


name : Moto
occupation : Seven New York Manager, 1to3 Designer

tank top : 1to3
denim : Levi's 702
accessories : Maison Martin Margiela
shoes : Reebok × Kenzo Minami
hat : Comme des Garcons Homme Plus