#133 Fashion Bloggers

At the show Helmut Lang.

name : Bryan Boy (left)
occupation : Blogger Bryan Boy

name : Rumi Neely
occupation : Blogger Fashiontoast

At the show Alexander Wang.

name : Rei Shito
occupation : Blogger Style from Tokyo

name : Miwa Motoharu (left)
occupation : Blogger Motoharu Miwa's Blog

name : Yukimaru (right)
occupation : Hair Stylist at Shima, Yukimaru Blog

Actually Rei Shito's blog, Style from Tokyo, is the most favorite street style blog for me.
She always shoots "people".
I mean of course we are doing "fashion" street snap, but her pictures are including people's personality or humanity.
It is the thing what I always think for shooting.
I want to shoot cool people + their humanities as well.
Her blog is like one of my aims.

数あるストリートスナップのサイトの中で、一番好きなStyle from TokyoのシトウレイさんがファッションウィークのためにNYに来ることを知って、お会い出来たら絶対に撮らせてもらおうと思っていた。