#134 Ling, Fan, Zhao and Jen on 57th St.

Yes, they are one of my best friends whom we became a friend because I shot on the street.
Last time photos are here #69 Zhao and Fan on Greene st.
First time I shot them in Harajuku,Tokyo.
But they live in San Francisco, so last time, I shot them in NY when they visited to NY.
And this time, also they visit here for Fashion Week.
So actually we have only met 3 times, but now we are very good friends.

They are still students, but the guys starts own brand company named Voidthebrand.(their web is not opened yet, so maybe you can enjoy their blog)
In this season their clothes are only Tshirts or one-peice.
On pick up photo's, these Tshirts are from their brand.
These are all factory-made and using organic cotton.

Their clothing will be selling in this November they told me.
I am looking forward to see them!

I respect their energy to action.



from left side

name : Ling Yang
occupation : Student

t-shirts : Voidthebrand
shoes : Silent by Damir Doma

name : Zhao Wu
occupation : Student, Voidthebrand designer and president

cardigan : Obscur
t-shirt : Voidthebrand
pants, beanie : Rick Owens
boots : Guidi

name : ChenLing Fan
occupation : Student, Voidthebrand director

t-shirt : Voidthebrand
pants : Silent by Damir Doma
shoes : Rick Owens

name : Jen Chen
occupation : Student

ring : Yves Saint Laurent
bag : Chanel
glasses : Sagawa fujii