#177 Zon Chu on Greene St.

Pictures in the rain part 2.

He is jewelry designer, Zon.
He just finished their brand meeting, at the time.

I always like his style which is mixing between mode and street.
He skates actually, that is why he naturally wears these little relaxed style I think.

These jewelries he is wearing are from his brand "Langoliers".
These are mainly made of delicate chains and leathers combination.
I like his jewelries, so I ordered some rings for 12ss season!
I cannot wait to wear them!


華奢なチェーンやレザーを組み合わせてできている繊細なジュエリーで、 実際に次のシーズンの予約会ではリングをいくつかオーダしてきた。

name : Zon Chu
occupation : Langoriers Designer

jacket : Numb
shirt : Helmut Lang
pants : from Japan
shoes : Vans
bag : Zucca
hat : Heather Huey
jewelries : Langoliers

Thank you Zon in the rain!!