#194 Eddie Casson and Jeff Saunders on Spring St.

This is 2011 last photo.
In this year, I felt so many things through shooting people.
The one is that there are so many people who are like these age, enjoy fashion and dress very well in New York.
I took photos of not only people same as around my ages , but also like ground mothers ages.
This is very interesting and happy to shoot for me.
I will keep shooting all kind of people, young and old, men and women next year!


name :  Eddie Casson (left)

tops, bag, jewelries : Chrome Hearts
bottoms, shoes : Rick Owens

name : Jeff Saunders (right)

top, bottoms : Lost & Found
shoes : Alejandro Ingelmo
hat : Yohji Yamamoto
glasses : Chrome Hearts

So Thank you very much for following this blog.
Happy New Year everyone :)

2012年もAn Unknown Quantityをよろしくお願いいたします。

Wataru Bob