#208 "Scene on the Street" at W Hotel Times Square.

There are so many street style photographers in New York recently.
We are the two of them actually.

First time, I met Adam, Le 21ème, at last February Fashion Week.
Then now we sometimes meet up on the street especially in Soho and talk about each others works,fashion and everything.

When I saw his photos on the wall at W hotel, I was really impressed by his beautiful photos as Big prints.
He is one of my aims.

I believe we can keep stimulating and improving each other in the future.
Also I would love to say "Congratulations" again as a friend and street style photographer.

ストリートスナップを撮っている友人、Adamのエキシビジョンに行って来た。(以前撮らせてもらった彼の写真はこちら。 →  #192 Adam Katz Sinding on Greene St. )