#253 Lana, Sunny and Michael Flanagan Crosby St.

Lovely family :)
Actually I took photos of him before → #231 Michael Flanagan on Wooster St.
I basically do not shoot same person in short term, but I cannot pass up him with his family!

I like they wear same pair of sneakers!
A well-matched couple!

I can't wait to see that their daughter is going to be cool, same as parents in the future :)

以前の彼の写真はここから → #231 Michael Flanagan on Wooster St.


name :  Lana Flanagan (left)

jacket : Revillon
knit : Isabel Marant
shoes : Rick Owens

name : Sunny Flanagan (center)

top : Trico Field

name : Michael Flanagan (right)

jacket, shoes : Rick Owens
sweater, bottoms : Drkshdw