#333 Ikumi Ito, Matsumoto Japan.

She is working at boutique named Another Lounge for men and women.

There are some photos of Mr. Yaguchi from Another Lounge too. → #270 Masakazu Yaguchi at ANOTHER LOUNGE, Matsumoto Japan.

She is same age as me and the only one working at the store as a woman, so I think many customers of women may put confidence to her.
I guess she keeps Matsumoto's fashion scene growing up with Another Lounge.
I know she does! :)

松本にあるセレクトショップ、Another Loungeで働いているコ。



name : Ikumi Ito
occupation : Another Lounge

top : n°44
tshirt : Vintage
shorts : Carolina Glaser
shoes : Didi Zizi
scarf : hand made by her