#447 Masaaki Hashimoto on Broome St, SoHo, New York.

Photographed my friend Masaaki again.
I shot his previous photos about 2 years ago. → #188 Masaaki Hashimoto on Mercer St.

He is the one of people dressing in different ways, and I am always impressed by all of his styles.
In addition, I found one common thing from all of his outfits and think it is not only dressed well but elegant and clean.

Anyway it's getting warm finally and nice out!
Enjoy the weather with our favorite fashion :)

2年前の写真はこちら。→ #188 Masaaki Hashimoto on Mercer St.


name : Masaaki Hashimoto
occupation : Stylist

coat : Stephan Shneider
shirt : Robert James
pants : Superfine
shoes : Raf Simons
glasses : Oliver Peoples
ring : Langoliers