#171 Robert Knoke and Julia Meier on Greene St.

They are my firend, Robert and Julia, who are visiting from Germany.

Robert is one of my favorite artist, and I met him at the time of his last exhibition's opening reception in NY.

Julia is his wife, teaching fashion history and some other things in school.

Anyway, I am so happy to see you them.

They are always wearing very well!

Especially I love Julia's tops and her sunglasses.

These are incredibly cool!

Also Robert's Tshrit has an upside down star in front.

They love black to wear, and it very good on them I think all the time!


Six Scents Perfume Series Threeのパッケージデザインなんかで有名な肖像画家、Robert Knokeと彼の妻のJuliaが、NYに来ているからとわざわざ連絡をくれて会いにきてくれた。

彼らとの最初の出会いはSix ScentsのLaunch Party。でもその時はほとんど話すことも無く、次に会った彼の前回のNYでの展示会、彼が来るということで彼とSkaywardのコラボレーションのアイテムを着ていったらとても喜んでくれて、そこで初めて仲良くなった。


JuliaがかけてるPaloma Picasso(画家のピカソの娘のジュエリーブランド)のヴィンテージサングラスのかっこよさったら!




name : Robert Knoke (right)

occupation : Artist

jacket : Nicolas Andreas Taralis

t shirt : Rick Owens

pants : Acne

shoes : Yves Saint Laurent

bag : Army bag


name : Julia Meier

occupation : Professor

top, cardigan : Nicolas Andreas Taralis

pants : H&M

shoes : Acne

sunglasses : Paloma Picasso