#176 Sam on Mercer St.

At the time, around 4pm, the world was dark as perfectly gray because of raining.

Basically I do not go out to take pictures, but today I tried.

I thought I have never seen street style photos in the rain, but if I got pictures like a person with umbrella, it must be cool.

Also I thought "hmmm.... I want to take pictures of dark style in dark world." before I left from my home.

So he is the one of styles I want to shoot.

Actually I shot him last winter when I just started this blog.

Time pasts so fast....

Maybe 99% of street style photographers do not take pictures in the weather like today's heavy rain, but I am sure that pictures in raining, these are super cool. 

I think so.







name : Sam

outer coat : Ann Demeulemeester

inner coat, shirt, pants : Rick Owens

boots : A1923 (Augusta)

glasses : Cutler Gross