#182 Derek Gallen on North 6th St.

I walked around in Williamsburg today, but it started raining at the time, so I thought I give up to find people.

But I happened to see him around a station.

He is Derek, one of my friends, and I shot one time before.

I love his long hair and hat style!

That was fun time because he tried to get into a thicket voluntarily, so I could get GREAT photos look like not street style.

I love all of these photos!

Thank you Derek!!



撮らせて欲しいと頼んだら快諾してくれて、雨が段々強くなる中、彼は自ら薮の中にまで入っていってくれたりして、(なんだかもはやStreet Styleじゃないみたいな写真だけど)とてもかっこいい写真を撮ることが出来た。




name : Derek Gallen

occupation : Atelier New York

leather jacket, hat : Number (N)ine

shirt, pants : Ann Demeulemeester

boots : A1923