#187 Sharon Zhou and Yuta Tanahashi on Wooster St.

Cool Asians with cute puppy.

They are working at New York based young brand named "Siki Im".

I visited their show twice in Fashion Week, and I felt they are the one of the coolest labels in NY, so I told that to them.

Then they said "We think so too, that's why we are working there."

How cool words it is.

Only people who are proud of their work can say like that.


NYベースの若手ブランド、Siki Imで働く二人。





name : Sharon Zhou (left)

occupaiton : Siki Im

coat : Jil Sander

shirt : Vintage

boots : Costume National


name : Yuta Tanahashi

occupation : Siki Im

jacket : Kai-aakmann

long shirt : Siki Im

pants : Odyn Vovk

shoes : Damir Doma

name : Bill (dog)