#188 Masaaki Hashimoto on Mercer St.

He is stylist from Japan.

I took photos of him almost 8 month ago.

His style is totally different between now and last time.

He said that recently wearing and checking vintage stuffs more than high-brands is his movement.

I know he already knew so many good stuffs, but he also wear vintage and anything he want.

I think it means he has very strong mind of loving clothes, fashion.

I really love to see different style in a same person like him.

I already looking forward to see next style of him.







name : Masaaki Hashimoto

occupation : Stylist

denim jacke : Adam Kimmel

shirt : Engineered Garments

cardigan, glasses : Vintage

pants : N.Hoolywood × Wrangler

shoes : Givenchy

hat : Vintage

rings : Yoshiko Creation Paris