#189 David Vo and Julie Baird on Mercer St.

Couple in Thom Browne.

I am not sure that they decided wearing Thom Browne cardigan with shirt and black pants or it was just happened.

But wearing same kind of stuffs or having common sense is so cute.

I really like their style as couple.



偶然なのか打ち合わせたのか二人ともThom Browneのカーディガンに足首までの黒パンツ。




name : David Vo(left)

occupation : Student

cardigan : Thom Browne

shirt : H&M

pants, boots : Acne


name : Julie Baird(right)

occupation : Thom Browne

jacket : Vintage

cardigan, shirt : Thom Browne

shoes : Jil Sander

bag : Valextra