#191 Joaquin Gregorio on Spring St.

He is one of street style bloggers based on New York City.

Recently I always see many photographers especially in Soho.

We always chat when we meet during walking and shooting.

Today we talked like "Today is so cold.... Did you take photos??"

I really like to have the time like that with other street style bloggers.

Oh, there is one good news for us, street style photographers!

Now winter solstice was past, so sunset will be later day by day! :)




いつもSohoで見かけるとお互いのことを話したり世間話をしたり、ほんのちょっとの時間だけど"自分もがんばらないと!"って思わされたり、話しが終わるといつもお互いに"Good Luck!"って言って違う方向に歩き始めるこのスナップしてる者同士のやりとりがちょっとした支えだったりもして。




name : Joaquin Gregorio

occupation : POP BOB & SNAP

coat : Uniqlo +J

sweater, gloves : Uniqlo

pants : Black Comme des Garcons

shoes : Comme des Garcons

bag : Jil Sander