#205 on Wooster St.

Mirrored Sunglasses, beautiful hat, + calfskin shoes.

This gentleman told me that he's a jazz musician, but he hurried away before I could get his name... 

Before I took his photo he said "I'm 56 years old, is that OK?", to which I said "Of course! I want to take YOUR photo! Your age doesn't matter, I'm more interested in your style!".

He replied "Haha exactly!" and I took his picture. 

I often take photos of people who are much older that me, but who still show their own personal style, which I think is very cool. 

I find these people to be cool because of what they are wearing but also how they wear their own personality. 

These people create their own atmosphere which becomes their style. 

So, to me "cool" means "well-dressed" + "personality", in my opinion.









occupation : Jazz Musician

sunglasses : Lanvin

shoes : Velsace