#239 Victoria Borus on Wooster St.

I shot her once before.

Her last photos are here. → #149 Victoria on Wooster St. 

Last time she was wearing 10 years old  Issey Miyake dress, but at this time she is wearing at least 15 years old Issey and Prada bag!

She told me "Beautiful stuffs are going on forever."

YES! I agree with her totally.

She is the one of my favorite women whom I shot for my blog.


以前撮らせてもらった彼女にまた会って。 → #149 Victoria on Wooster St. 

前回は10年前に買ったって言うIssey Miyakeのドレスを着てて、好きなモノを本当に愛してる女性なんだなーと思っていたら、今回のドレスとバッグも15年以上前に買ったって。




name : Victoria Borus

occupation : Interior Designer

dress : Issey Miyake

shoes : J Crew

bag : Prada

glasses : Spivvy