#244 Izzy Tuason in Williamsburg.

Izzy, also known as Mr. Dandy Project, is one of my friends!

He always puts his accessories or pins on his styles very well.

When we talk about fashion, he also said "Wearing only expensive brands is bored", then actually he was mixing Uniqlo jeans with some brands at this time.

I love to read his blog, and he always wears like that way and doing DIY or like try to be his own personality. 

I feel that he always enjoys his own dandyism!


いつも「Mr. Dandy」ってこっそり呼ばせてもらってる友達、Izzyを今日は。

彼のブログ、The Dandy Projectから勝手にそう呼ばせてもらってるんだけれど、彼は実際に人柄もダンディそのもので。




name : Izzy Tuason

occupation : The Dandy Project

jacket : Comme des Garcons Homme Plus

waistcoat : Ann Demeulemeester

tshrit : Alexander Wang

jeans : Uniqlo

shoes : Number (N)ine

pins, bracelet : Vintage

sunglasses : Ray-Ban