#512 Carl Louisville on East 3rd St, Arts District, Los Angels

Carl Louisville Guerilla Atelier Los Angels

Compering with NY, tt is a huge difference of how people dress daily in LA.

However I met this gentleman at his beautiful store "Guerilla Atelier" in Arts District.

If you haven't heard about the place, you may be able to feel how cool the store is from his style.

And if you like my blog, you like his store.

I photographed him, that's the answer, trust me.



スケジュールが詰め詰めでスナップをしている時間すらほとんどなかったのだけれど、Arts Districtにある家具や服などを扱うGuerilla Atelierというかっこいいお店があって。



name : Carl Louisville

occupation : Owner at Guerilla Atelier