#270 Masakazu Yaguchi at ANOTHER LOUNGE, Matsumoto Japan.

He is Mr. Yaguchi, one of guys got me to like fashion when I was high school student.

Our city, Matsumoto-Shi, is a bit rare because almost all public high schools do not have school uniforms.

Then many high school students start getting into fashion with local shops in Matsumoto like Mr. Yaguchi's store, ANOTHER LOUNGE.

Everyone likes him and his stores because of his personality and minds.

My hometown is country side compared to big city so he is one of most necessary roles for Matsumoto' fashion scenes for all ages, high school to adults.

I am sure that he will keep pleasant services and improving Matsumoto fashion!



信州、松本にあるセレクトショップANOTHER LOUNGEの大黒柱で、本人もショップもみんなに愛されてる、それこそ高校生からお父さん世代まで、みんなから。




name : Masakazu Yaguchi

occupation : ANOTHER LOUNGE

tshirt : Shareef

pants : Rico

scarf, bracelet : Patrick Stephan

shoes : Giorgio Brato