#295 Dina on Centre St.

She is Dina whom I took photos about a year ago.

Her last photos are here. → #128 Dina on Crosby St.

This is funny that this day she said she was wearing almost same as last time!

The difference between this time and last time is only inner tshirt, she said.

However what I like most about her is her original style like her cute hair style and of course what she chose for her style so I took photos of her again this time.



その時の写真はこちら。 → #128 Dina on Crosby St.






Thank you very much for giving me a time in the rain, Dina :)


name : Dina

occupation : Art Director

jacket : Complexgeometries

tshirt : Marvielab

pants : Forme D'expression

shoes : Guidi

bag : Jas M.B.