#304 ChenLing Fan on North 5th St. Williamsburg.

He is Fan I took photos of him just a year ago with his friends. → #134 Ling, Fan, Zhao and Jen on 57th St.

For me, taking photos of same person sometimes is very interesting.

I feel that I am recording his/her sytle and he/she can remind what they liked at the moments through this blog.

This is my personal blog but I would like it to be a photo album for the all people in the posts.

I think I will keep shooting him in the future again.



ちょうど去年の9月の初めにも彼は友人とNYに遊びに来ていた。→ #134 Ling, Fan, Zhao and Jen on 57th St.






name : ChenLing Fan

occupation : Student, VOIDTHEBRAND director

top : Silent by Damir Doma

shorts, shoes : Damir Doma