#431 Ellinor Stigle at Lincoln Center, NYFW, New York.

So many people wear colors and patters here in Lincoln Center during fashion week.

Suddenly black outfit came out, and she is my favorite Ellinor.

I photographed her a year ago at same time and place. → #347 Ellinor Stigle at Lincoln Center NYFW

She always wears her husband's clothes and stole his jacket today.

(Actually her husband is also very cool, and I love this couple a lot!)

The word "Cool" fits perfectly for her and that's the point why I photograph her all the time.

I like cool women.




ちょうど1年前のファッションウィークでも彼女はそんな感じだった。→ #347 Ellinor Stigle at Lincoln Center NYFW 



name : Ellinor Stigle

occupation : photographer

coat : Damir Doma

jacket : from husband

pants : Vintage

shoes :Ann Demeulemeester