#444 Wei Du at Siki Im show, NYFW, New York.

In NYFW, most of people go to big name's shows but there are some independence brands from main stream of fashion trends.

I think Siki Im is the one of them and one of my favorite shows in NYFW.

The brand is doing their way and also people coming this show are always very unique and have their own strong sense of identity that doesn't matter what the trends are.

I sometimes feel tired to follow people dress trendy and boring to photograph them to be a part of tons of photographers during fashion week.

However to me, his style is different and much interesting than other people wearing trends. 

Actually less than 5 photographers including me were shooting outside of this show but I follow my way that I keep capturing people having their personal styles and people whom I really like.

I don't really care about general trends, especially for this blog as my personal note building up with my favorite people.



同時に所謂ファッションのメインストリームからちょっと外れたブランドもショーをしてたりして、Siki Imというブランドもその一つ。






name : Wei Du

occupation : Graymarket

coat, leather shirt, shoes, pants : M.A+

jacket : Paul Harnden

hat : Label Under Construction

ring : Chrome Hearts