#445 Stephen Naparstek on Spring St, SoHo, New York.

Back in the usual street, I found the guy visiting here from Chicago for women's market week.

It's always pleasure for me to encounter random people not living here and record them on my blog. 

After fashion week and back to usual, I always feel that staying on the street and photographing people is the real street style for me.

Because it's actually happened on the street, and it's their part of lifestyle, not for being photographed by many of photographers.

Of course I will keep photographing in fashion week as well, but basically I like staying on the street better.





name : Stephen Naparstek

occupation : owner at Gallery Aesthete

jacket, boots : Rick Owens

shirt, pants : Julius

bag : M.A+

scarf : Faliero Sarti

hat : Ann Demeulemeester