#448 Shaka Maidoh on Nevins St, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, New York.

In the snow storm, I photographed Art Comes First crew on January. → #426 Sam Lambert & Shaka Maidoh on West 22nd St, Chelsea, New York.

2 months passed since then and Shaka came back in town for Art Comes First x Brooklyn Circus pop up store.

There are sometimes some people who are just cool all the time like just being here, standing here and talking to someone....

Shaka is the one of them, and the reason is that he has his original styles all the time.

Art Comes First crew Shaka and Sam both have their originals and they are always bright to me.


スノーストーム中の大雪の中の一枚、あのときから2ヶ月経ってArt Comes FirstのShakaがNYに戻ってきた。




Art Comes FirstのShakaとSamは二人ともそれを持ってる、最高のチームだ。


name : Shaka Maidoh

occupation : Art Comes First

wearing : Art Comes First