#458 Svea Berlie on Prince St, SoHo, New York.

The model with style.

"Models look nice and dress well because they are models" I think it's like one of general ideas about models.

Is she cool because she is a model?? I would say "No."

I photographed her because I could see that she has a style.

For me, most likely she is a girl who likes fashion and does modeling but not just a model girl.

I like people who likes fashion or has own styles, and I don't care what people do, age, gender and figure.

She said she is 19 years old.

Too young to be dignified.

I meant that is in a good way, of course.









name : Svea Berlie

occupation : model

jacket : Jil Sander

top : Alexander Wang

denim : Acne

shoes : Helmut Lang

glasses : Garrett Leight