#460 Mike Nouveau, Yu Jin and Mike Parle on Mott St, NoHo, New York.

Yu(center) is visiting NY from Hong Kong, and I walked with her in SoHo to meet Mike(left).

On the way to meet him, I found a guy(right) on the street and asked him "Can I take photo of you for my blog?" as usual, and he said "Yes."

I asked his name, and he answered "I'm Mike!"

I said "Mike?? We have a friend named Mike and gonna meet him from now!" and he said "Wow, I'm waiting for him too!"

I and Yu didn't know Mike before(he is visiting here from Melbourne), but we connected each other naturally.

People usually say this things "such a small world", but actually I trust we could encounter people naturally if we have something in common.

I photographed this after we all got together.





名前を尋ねると「I'm Mike!」って。






name : Mike Nouveau (left)

top : Rick Owens

bottoms : Paul Harnden

shoes : A1923


name : Yu Jin (center)

top, bottoms : Yohji Yamamoto

shoes : Layer-0

hat : Paul Harnden

bag : M.A+


name : Mike Parle (right)

top, bottoms : Paul Harnden

shoes : Andrew McDonald

hat : Harvert Johnson